Coyote Student News: First Year Success

Coyote Student News Logo 2By Paul Maranan

Coyote Student News, the College of Southern Nevada’s student-run online newspaper, had its anniversary Oct. 8, 2013. It served the local community and the College. Unexpectedly the readership grew internationally to 83 countries including: Canada, the United Kingdom, Peru and India.

“It’s been a wonderful experience teaching and guiding the students in the field of journalism,” said CSN Instructor Jenny Sequeira, advisor and creator of the program. “The students are crafting credible, ethical and accurate pieces. It is great to see the success of the website that has come in such a short time.”

The website had 19,700 unique viewers in its first year.

Students from the news production course Journalism 105, in addition to student freelance writers, worked tirelessly on bi-weekly publishing dates throughout the spring and fall terms.

In 14 press cycles, 150 articles, countless images and dozens of videos were published. The articles with the most views overall included: “CSN baseball revitalized by Coach Garritano” by Fabiola Marzano, “Discounted dental care offered at CSN” by Ricardo Torres and “Obama recognizes CSN student in immigration reform speech” by Ricardo Torres.

Recent news articles have seen substantial traffic including: “CSN students can access unlimited free tutoring” by Joe Baker, “Social media affects grades” by Joaquin Lomeli Jr. and “CSN students volunteer at Opportunity Village” by Jeff Knight.

Pillars of the publication include: arts and entertainment, campus, community, politics, science and technology, social, business, sports, features, education and health, as identified on the website.

“It has been a great experience,” said Joe Baker, editor-in-chief of Coyote Student News fall 2013. “It threw me right into the fire. I am getting the experience I need for this field. Working with other students—editing their work—helps me become a better writer and editor.”

“I try to get sources that are leaders of organizations along with CSN students and professors to complete my articles,” said Natalia Lancellotti, managing editor for Coyote Student News fall 2013. “I look for quotes that stand out. I re-read my work a hundred times, edit, and read it again to make it perfect, accurate and newsworthy. I am learning how to write, how to fact check everything. I think I have progressed on that.”

Coyote Student News aims to provide accurate, transparent, and ethical journalistic currency to serve students, faculty, staff and the local community.

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