Student Fashion Designer Creates Odd Rarities

Joe odd rarieities 1

Sample of clothing collection

By Joe Baker

College of Southern Nevada student Tiffany Courts worked vigorously to get her clothing line Odd Rarities up and running.

“Odd Rarities has been around for about two years,” Courts said. “The name Odd Rarities was inspired from a mix tape I was listening to a while back.”

Odd Rarities has a recent collection of tee-shirts and shorts that have Hawaiian prints, floral designs and stripes flowing horizontally down the shorts. Shorts run $30.

“Our clothing speaks for itself. It is all ‘Odd Rarities’,” Courts said.

“I wear Odd Rarities because it’s different from everything else I’ve ever bought before,” said Tristen Till, CSN student and co-founder of Odd Rarities. “The designs we make come out so clean and are appealing to the eyes of all these teenagers; it’s amazing. My favorite thing about the line is our versatility.”

Courts gives CSN Instructor Kevin Raiford and the College’s business department a great deal of credit. She took classes by Raiford that helped her develop her business sense and increase her motivation. Her education spawned her entrepreneurial spirit.

“Tiffany is a teacher’s dream,” Raiford said. “Tiffany is a true prodigy. She shows that young people are the drivers of our society’s success. Tiffany shows that working hard produces super outcomes.”

“I love designing and enjoy interacting with our supporters,” Courts said. Odd Rarities has 1300 followers on Facebook. They look for what we have coming up, she said.

“Real success to us has been creating work that people love and wear,” Courts said.

Odd Rarities is sold in Mississippi, California, Texas, Virginia and Nevada. As the brand spreads, so does its goals. “Our main goal is to open up a boutique here in Las Vegas but until then we will continue working hard online,” Courts said.

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