Student Volunteers Pack Meals for Hungry Children

By Natalia Lancellotti

Three Square, the only food bank providing food assistance to Clark County, was the benefactor of volunteerism by College of Southern Nevada’s students through the program CSN Serves.

Approximately 35 altruistic CSN students helped Three Square on September 27. They made meal boxes for local hungry children. Each box included: cans of peas, soups, tuna, beans and two juices. Helpers showed enthusiasm by packing boxes for hours. They performed meaningful work that exceeded the coordinator’s expectations.

CSN Serves is a service-learning component under the Department of Student Life and Leadership Development. It partners with various agencies in the city to provide student volunteers.

“Volunteer opportunities range in duration from one day, or short-term meaningful experiences, to long-term opportunities that enable participants to make a sustained commitment to a volunteer organization and their community,” said Alejandra Romero, service-learning volunteer coordinator for CSN Serves.

Romero helped with the Three Square event. “Helping my community allows me to not only get to know my community and their needs but they get to know who I am,” she said. “The incorporation of service-learning increases student learning, enhances the classroom environment, and enriches student engagement and helps me personally develop professionally.”

Brittany Fallin, a CSN student who volunteered, was happy she helped with Three Square. She plans on doing more volunteer efforts in the future.

“Our mission is to provide wholesome food to hungry people while passionately pursuing a hunger-free community,” said Patti Johnson, Three Square volunteer coordinator. “Volunteers are important. Without them we could not accomplish what we do here. We could not survive.”

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities. During fall 2013 a walk for breast cancer, HIV/AIDS and PLAN parade have taken place.

It is very easy to become part of CSN Serves. Students track volunteer hours and complete timesheets. Awards are given for those who have great contributions including the President Volunteer Service Awards or CSN Presidential Recognition Awards.

Visit or call at (702) 651-4698 to get involved.

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