CSN Mobile App, Resources at Your Fingertips

By Courtney Nixon Did you know you can check your grades on your smartphone? College of Southern Nevada’s mobile application, recently launched to increase connectivity with students, provides quick resources. “Approximately 55 percent of Americans have smartphones,” says Dr. Darren Divine, CSN vice president of academic affairs, “a figure which is rapidly growing by about […]

CSN Library: Times They Are A-Changin’

By Jeff Knight Long gone are the days when libraries used card catalogues or due-date cards stuck to the back covers of books. Today, these analog methods are a distant memory and have been replaced with modern computer systems and unlimited technology. Poet and activist Bob Dylan wrote, “Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll […]

CSN High-Tech with Canvas

By Gabe Hernandez College of Southern Nevada switched to a faster, high-tech online-learning-management system called Canvas by Instructure fall 2013. CSN switched from ANGEL Learning system to Canvas to expand and enhance its online learning environment to benefit students and faculty. CSN’s office of eLearning states the new online experience will become faster and easier […]

Astronomy’s Extreme Side

By Jose Sillas “Extreme Planets” playing at the planetarium at the College of Southern Nevada from September 6 to November 16 is a feast for the eyes that doesn’t seize to inform and mesmerize. The movie helps to give valuable and entertaining insights about the different conditions of planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Astronomers […]

App Signals for Help for Those in Danger

By Crystal Martinez In emergencies every woman should have pepper spray in her purse and a cellphone in her pocket. She should also have an app that could save her life. According to the United States Department of Labor’s blog, one in five young women reported being sexually assaulted while in college. Jill Campbell, the […]

Explore the Universe at our Planetarium

By Matthew Watkins Nebulae and black holes, globular clusters and planets, stars and constellations make up the universe. The Planetarium at the College of Southern Nevada allows opportunity to explore and discover the sky as students and others partake in special screenings. “We always try to have the latest technology for the planetarium to teach […]

Dr. Boyer’s Antivenom for Deadly Scorpion Stings

By Sallyann Ficarrotta The first FDA-approved drug for killer scorpion stings was developed in Latin America by Dr. Leslie Boyer, from the University of Arizona, and Dr. Alagón, from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Their 12-year collaboration achieved a monumental medical breakthrough resulting in an antivenom for scorpion stings called Anascorp. There are many […]

Tech Students Jump Start Careers at CSN

College of Southern Nevada

By Rodrigo Vazquez Before finishing their studies, JT3 Jump Start helps students at the College of Southern Nevada launch their careers. JT3, a company that recruits technicians and engineers for the Department of Defense, joined forces with CSN in order to create the JT3 Jump Start program. The program located at the Morse Arberry Jr. […]

Stargazing at The Planetarium

College of Southern Nevada

By Ricardo Torres From the moment the wheels of the Curiosity Rover first spun on Mars’ surface, the media and public have been fascinated with NASA and astronomy. Located in the eastside of the College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne Campus, one of just two public planetariums in the state can be found. Since the 1970’s, […]