Starbucks: Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice

By Angelina Celedon

Leaves slowly start falling as the autumn season is upon us and cozy cups of coffee comfort many as the sun rises each morning. For the first time Starbucks coffee shops will be offered on campus.

Starbucks will be the first major coffee-house chain at College of Southern Nevada as no prior fast-food chains have been established. “We are currently planning on having a Starbucks in the new Student Unions,” said Sherri Payne, senior-associate vice president of Facilities Management. “These Unions are scheduled to be open for the start of the fall 2019 semester.”

Currently Cheyenne Express Café offers drinks at the North Las Vegas campus and students also have an option to buy coffee at vending machines but the endless options of drinks coming soon excite many.

Coffee really kick starts the day for 80 percent of Americans according to an online survey conducted by the National Coffee Association. CSN students and instructors rely on their quick drinks before classes.

The well-loved coffee franchise Starbucks will of course bring a very well-known popularized autumn signature drink to the mix: pumpkin spiced latte. More of a variety of seasonal drinks besides the classics will be available.

“My favorite fall drink is the hazelnut iced coffee,” said Priscilla Dimovska, CSN student. “My mom and I drink hazelnut iced coffee we buy on the pier and spend the day at the beach.” The exclusive hazelnut drink is served at Starbucks.

People drink hot beverages for many reasons. One is linked to fond memories.

According to new research by Mintel, a market intelligence agency, in a March 2017 report titled “Majority of Americans Want Seasonal Ingredients Year-Round” it was found that fall seasonal spices like cinnamon, cardamom, clove and pumpkin are desired year round but particularly at this time of year. These blended drinks stir up feelings of comfort in 39 percent of participants in the study and feelings of warmth by 33 percent. A third of participants also felt happy when consuming these flavors.

“Many memories come to mind,” said Minerva Carrillo, CSN student. “My friends and I would walk to the nearest coffee shop before class and even though it was cold outside, sipping my pumpkin spiced latte would take the cold weather out of my mind while I enjoyed the moments I had with my friends.”

There is no wonder why these drinks sell this time of year.

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