Stressed out Students Study for Finals

studying for finalsBy Sallyann Ficarrotta

Final exams are coming up the week of Dec. 10 and students are coping with the stress differently.

CSN student Ramon Posis has three finals coming up and a specific way of dealing with all of them.

“I look in the syllabus and see how much each test is worth so I know how well I have to do,” Posis said.  His main focus this semester is on his math final because if he earns a great grade, his professor will count the exam for double its normal worth, comprising 20 percent of his total grade.

Posis advises other students not to get too stressed over exams because test anxiety is a killer for their grades.

CSN student C.J. Chambers shares the same idea.  He tries not to worry about finals too much and instead eliminates stress by having some fun. “I cope with stress of finals by playing Magic with my friends,” Chambers said.

Most students like to cram everything into their brains at once at the end of the term.  CSN student Domineek Bumpas does it a bit differently.

“I spend 15 minutes every night for each class so I don’t have to cram,” Bumpas said. She starts this at the beginning of each semester.

Bumpas has note cards for every class divided up into chapters.  It helps.  Her and her fiancé write answers down on cards and create a memory game.  It livens up the old studying techniques.  Still she admits, “I’m completely stressed.”

After exams are over, students should celebrate.

“Me, my fiancé and son go out to dinner to celebrate after finals,” Posis said.

The best way to do well on a final is to be confident.

“I don’t get stressed over finals…I go into my tests with confidence,” CSN student Christopher Zwierzycki said.

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