Game On

By J. Watts

Coyote fans at College of Southern Nevada are now allowed back into the stands to attend their favorite outdoor sports.

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation for CSN Dexter Irvin says, “We will have fans for baseball, softball and soccer. Each sport has a separate plan and capacity.”

As of April 12, 2021, at Henderson campus, a maximum of 250 people can attend baseball games at Morse Stadium, 125 people can attend softball games at Lady Coyote Softball Field, and 100 people can attend men and women’s soccer at Heritage Park near campus.

Fortunately there are new protocols in place for everyone to enjoy the games safely.

Irvin said masking, distancing, no concessions, one-way traffic and limited capacity are a few examples of the precautions enforced.

After a year of being limited to streaming games on Coyote Sports Network, it was questionable when doors would reopen to fans. The COVID-19 pandemic made safety an ultimate concern for athletes, coaching staff and fans.

Nick Garritano, CSN’s head baseball coach, is very glad to see fans returning to the stands. “We are made up of right around 75% local players. For these players to have their parents, family and friends in the stands cheering them on is a huge momentum boost.”

Reopening the doors to fans and supporters wasn’t necessarily an easy process and it comes with a sense of gratitude from Coach Garritano. “We cannot thank our administration, Athletic Director Dexter Irvin and the entire committee that made this happen, enough.”

“Attending games is a great opportunity to meet fellow CSN students,” says student Amalia Ipharr, a huge CSN baseball fan. “I believe that as long as everyone takes the necessary safety precautions, people can and should support their local businesses and events, including CSN sports games.”

The Coyote teams are in Region 18 of the National Junior College Athletic Association and compete in the Scenic West Athletic Conference.  To learn more about each team’s schedule and games visit

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