Starting to Get Out Again

By Lillie Redmond

College of Southern Nevada students start to return to their normal social lives as pandemic improves and things reopen.

Noted on an April 13 press release from Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak, “Across Nevada great strides have been made in our response to COVID-19 to strengthen our partnerships, build capacity within our public health infrastructure and vaccinate Nevadans. It’s because of this progress that I am proud to announce the goal of having every county in Nevada reopen to 100% on June 1. I am confident that if Nevadans continue to remain vigilant as more and more people get vaccinated, we can accomplish this together.”

Many students are thinking these reopening dates can not come soon enough.

According to USAFacts, the number of vaccinations in Nevada has skyrocketed since it has become readily available to the public. Nevada is at 37% of people having received at least one dose of the vaccination and 22% are fully vaccinated.

CSN student Danielle Bryson says, “I have already had COVID so I am still in my 90-day window where I can’t get it again. I plan on getting the vaccine soon so I am really not that concerned about my health or safety of others because I feel like the vaccine is becoming more and more accessible, so everyone is getting it.”

Bryson adds, “I will probably be going out a lot more and eating at restaurants and shopping downtown. I personally will be going to parties but not super big ones— more of just my closer friend group hanging out and having a good time wherever we are.”

Although lots of people are feeling the same excitement, some students are still concerned about others’ safety as well as their own.

“What I would do is probably the same thing: wear my mask and also keep my distance as much as possible,” CSN student Jazmyne Walker explains. “I’ve seen a little bit of what COVID can do to people and I don’t want to get it again. Just because they are opening up doesn’t mean it’s safe to go out.”

CSN student Audrey Heintz is focusing on outdoor activities and remaining socially distant from others who may not be vaccinated. “As far as public activities, I’ll more than likely be doing more outdoor activities. I still want to be cautious and ensure that I don’t get others sick who possibly are unable to get the vaccine and could be in danger of getting very sick from COVID-19.”

For more information on Governor Sisolak’s directives, visit this link

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