Halloween Costumes: Naughty or Nice

12aBy Samantha Fry

Halloween costumes are overtly sexy this year, which is easily seen with a visit to Halloween Mart or Party City. Some College of Southern Nevada students are planning on dressing provocatively come Monday.

For the ladies some sexy costume options include the following: Breathtaking Sexy Bunny, Vile Vixen and Seductive Genie. For the men Spartan Warrior, Candyman Seductive Commander and Naked Man Morphsuit are sold.

Star Costume & Theatrical Supply, Spirit Halloween Superstores and Halloween Mart are carrying sexier versions of costumes. For example, at Halloween Mart Tarzan’s Jane is a two-piece costume with thin form-fitting fabric including panties and leg sashes. In comparison at Halloween Costumes website the Jane outfit is a one piece with arm and leg covers—slightly more modest.

On Party City’s website there are approximately 120 new costumes released this season, 40 of which are considered sexy costumes for women. One costume for men that stands out is called Adult Sexy Firefighter.

Some students will make sexy costumes. For example, Victoria Secret’s Angels are trending this year. Women wear lingerie and silk robes and angel wings.

“I’m dressing up as a sexy baseball player,” CSN student Londy Madrigal said. “I saw it at Party City but I had a jersey already so I wasn’t going to buy one. I’m wearing a baseball t-shirt with black Spanx, long socks and Converse.”

“I’m going to a fraternity party and I want to look sexy with all of my other sisters,” Madrigal said. “Some are wearing lingerie, some of them are boxers and others are going to be the sexy version of ‘The Purge’.”

CSN student Nichole Mellor is dressing up twice this year—once as Mario from Super Mario Bros. and once as Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad”.

img_4546“For the Super Mario costume I chose it because my boyfriend and I wanted to do a couple-matching costume but wanted to keep the look pretty much at a PG level because we were going to be around our friends and family,” Mellor said. “For the Harley Quinn costume I chose the style of that particular costume because I know my friends will be dressed in similar costumes and I didn’t want to be the odd-one-out and be dressed like a nun. That’s what my friends would call me if I wear anything that covers my body more.”

CSN student Tiara Sanocki is still figuring out how she wants to approach her costume. “Me and my boyfriend are dressing up as hippies because he really wanted to do matching costumes.” Even though she chose a more conventional costume, she wants to make it sexy.

CSN student Ronnie Gonzalez plans to create his own costume this year.

“I’m dressing up as this guy called Simon … he’s a well-known power lifter within the YouTube community,” Gonzalez said. “He wears black compression pants and [Converse] High Top Chuck Taylors and a regular black shirt of his franchise. The reason why I’m doing it is because I look like him from what my friends tell me. Another reason why I’m gonna be him is that I went to Mr. Olympia and another well-known YouTuber told me that I look like a slightly more attractive version of him.” Even Gonzalez is thinking about the physicality of his costume.

In addition to sexy outfits, there are classic and mainstream costumes available this season including the following: Disney characters, clowns, vampires, superheroes and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks, Snapchat filters and emoji icons.



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