Strength Training Improves Body and Mind

By Ronnie Gonzalez Strength and weight training improve fitness, physique and frame of mind. Strength training is physical exercise that uses resistance, such as weights and bands, to induce muscular contractions to build strength, aerobic endurance and increase bone and muscle mass. “Whether you yank on suspension bands, pull stretchy rubber tubes, heft a bulbous […]

Class on Immigration Demystified Current Laws

By Fernando Lopez Duran Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, a non-profit law firm, partnered with College of Southern Nevada to present information on pathways to citizenship during a free immigration class held on campus. Luis Trujillo, CSN student, said he attended the class to learn more about his current immigration status and to inquire […]

Art Exhibit ‘Comedie’: Not so Much about Comedy

By Sierra Akana Shelby Shadwell’s exhibit “Comedie” at the College of Southern Nevada attempts to explore his greatest fears. Shadwell is an unusual artist who transforms canvasses with charcoal drawings and installations that magnify bugs, such as 500 cockroaches in his pieces “Auniversal Picture 16” and “Auniversal Picture 18,” to help the audience see the […]