Short-Term Classes: Risk and Reward

By Anthony MulHolland College of Southern Nevada has an abundance of short-term classes for students to take year round, if they dare. “If their goal is to graduate in two years, those are the perfect classes to take,” said Ryan Robb, advising coordinator at CSN. “I think they’re an opportunity,” Robb said. “I think they’re […]

Eat Well to Ace Finals

By Agnes Ndaba Students who eat rich diets in vegetables and fruits see their cognitive abilities flourish as they take final exams. “The best food to eat is food closest to its original form such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains not processed food,” said Patricia Valella, nutrition instructor at College of Southern Nevada. […]

Jabbawockeez Hip-Hop Dancer Studies by Day and Performs by Night

By Christopher Kilkenny Justin Emanuel, College of Southern Nevada student, performs in the hit show “Jreamz Journey Within” performing at MGM Grand on the Strip. The hip-hop dance crew Jabbawockeez, best-known for winning the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew, performs weekly. Many know these dancers by the white masks they wear on stage. […]

College Students: Know Your Status

By Tania Diaz Students who are sexually active should get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, young adults ages 15 to 24 only make up a quarter of the sexually-active population yet account for nearly half of the new 20 million STDs reported annually in the United […]

Strength Training Improves Body and Mind

By Ronnie Gonzalez Strength and weight training improve fitness, physique and frame of mind. Strength training is physical exercise that uses resistance, such as weights and bands, to induce muscular contractions to build strength, aerobic endurance and increase bone and muscle mass. “Whether you yank on suspension bands, pull stretchy rubber tubes, heft a bulbous […]

Class on Immigration Demystified Current Laws

By Fernando Lopez Duran Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, a non-profit law firm, partnered with College of Southern Nevada to present information on pathways to citizenship during a free immigration class held on campus. Luis Trujillo, CSN student, said he attended the class to learn more about his current immigration status and to inquire […]

Art Exhibit ‘Comedie’: Not so Much about Comedy

By Sierra Akana Shelby Shadwell’s exhibit “Comedie” at the College of Southern Nevada attempts to explore his greatest fears. Shadwell is an unusual artist who transforms canvasses with charcoal drawings and installations that magnify bugs, such as 500 cockroaches in his pieces “Auniversal Picture 16” and “Auniversal Picture 18,” to help the audience see the […]

Persistence Pays Off

By Christopher Kilkenny Persistence is an important attribute for students to have as they pursue their college education. The quality that allows someone to continue doing something even though it is difficult is the definition of persistence. As this applies to college, “Persistence is ensuring that student who enrolled in the fall also do so […]

Energy Drinks: Delicious but Can be Dangerous

By Sierra Akana College students are consuming energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster Energy to increase their productivity. The benefits of added energy is helpful but the issues from overconsumption are concerning. “An energy drink is a beverage that contains caffeine in combination with other ingredients such as sugar, amino acids, herbal extracts and […]

Planets and Stars Make for Spectacular Shows

By Anthony Mulholland College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus is home to one of two planetariums in the State. It requires a hefty investment to bring in shows and equipment but the students and community benefit from it. “I enjoy letting people find out about our solar system and the universe and the kinds of […]