Bernie Sanders Addressed Serious Issues at Rally


By Ariel T Rodriguez

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders stirred the crowd at his recent North Las Vegas rally at Cheyenne Sports Complex near campus.

Sanders is serving his second term in the U.S. Senate after winning re-election in 2012. His previous 16 years in Congress made him the longest-serving Independent member in American history, according to Sanders’ website.

Sanders is a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist. In his latest appearance on CNN’s Democratic debate, Sanders confirmed such statement.

“By coupling the term Democracy with the term Socialism, he hopes he can make Socialism more appealing to American voters,” said Dr. William Davis, professor of political science at College of Southern Nevada. “Sanders long ago publicly announced he was a Socialist so he is now stuck with that.”

Sanders is one of three candidates running for the Democratic ticket. He is up against Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley.

During the rally on Nov. 8 Sanders spoke on many topics including the following: immigration, income inequality, free college tuition, environment and healthcare.

Liz Hernandez, community organizer and activist, was one of the three guest speakers who joined Sanders on stage. She shared her childhood story that sparked the audience’s attention.

“When I was 5 years old I lived in Phoenix,” Hernandez said. “One day as my family got ready to go to work like we did every single day, we heard a very loud knock on the door. All I could remember was yelling, guns and ICE officers rushing in to our house. One moment my father was with us, another he was being detained by ICE treated as a criminal.” Hernandez saw her father taken by immigration officials.

Her fear of deportation for her and her family was real. “To this day I still remember my mother screaming, full of tears and frustration as my father was taken away in a van without us knowing where he would be. Years later my sister and I were able to apply for DACA. That completely changed my life.”

“Tonight I am here to represent the folks that have been forgotten by many politicians,” Hernandez said.

“As President, I will expand on President Obama’s executive action,” Sanders said. “Our goal will be to establish an immigration policy that keeps families together and not divided.”

Sanders also spoke on income disparities in the nation.

BERNIE 1“There is something profoundly wrong when the top one-tenth of 1 percent owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent,” said Sanders, from the stage. “There is something profoundly wrong when 58 percent of all new income created today is going to the top 1 percent.”

One thing Sanders hopes to do to even the playing the field is offer free college tuition. That will help minimize some economic inequalities.

Senator Sander’s College for All Act proposes free undergraduate tuition for four-year public colleges and universities. That plan would impose a Robin-Hood Tax on Wall Street to pay for it, according to the Act.

Johanna Cabral, a student at CSN, said, “I want somebody who is going to give me affordable college.”

According to Davis, “The notion that people can have something for free or that someone else, presumably the rich, will pay for it is a seductive notion.”

At the rally, Sanders also spoke on issues of global warming and healthcare policies including Family Medical Leave Act.

“When we don’t allow [the Republicans] to divide us up, as to whether we are black or white, whether we are gay or whether we are straight, whether we are men or women, when we stand together we can accomplish anything,” Sanders said. He hopes to get the vote heading into next November’s election.

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