Businessman Raising ArmsBy Evan Combs

Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Presentation was held at College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus on Nov. 13. Three speakers gave students and faculty, who are interested in starting businesses, tips on how to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

Andrew Scheuermann, graduate of Stanford University with a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering, gave insight on becoming an entrepreneur.

“Don’t go into entrepreneurship because you want to make money,” Scheuermann said. “Go because you want to see a change around you.”

Scheuermann said entrepreneurship is about seeing a bigger problem within your city, community or even the world, and having the courage and persistence to try to change it.

“I’ve always had a passion to change things at a larger level,” Scheuermann said. “People looked down on me for it.”

Irene Bustamante Adams, representative for Nevada’s 42nd assembly district, also spoke at the event. Adams said Las Vegas could use a little more entrepreneurship.

“Las Vegas has an ability to adapt quickly,” Adams said. “I think we forgot that we are innovators.”

Jonathan Santos, a former CSN student, spoke alongside the others at the presentation. He started the company Revive Brand Co., which creates hand-crafted selections of travel gear and accessories including backpacks. The company was inspired by the streets of Las Vegas and has a tag line “Where Luxury Meets Street,” according to its website.

Santos came up with this business idea while attending CSN. He wrote a paper in one of his classes that started his vision for this dream. He along with three others started Revive Brand.

“Having a team is instrumental,” Santos said.

aAll three speakers emphasized two key factors for students to aspire to: teamwork and education.

“The continuing advancement of education no matter where you are in life is important,” Adams said. “We should continue to push ourselves.”

“School is like a gift,” Scheuermann said. “Good education is the backbone of our society.”

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