Local and Global Issues on Students’ Minds

By Ashley Virnoche This year has been a whirlwind of current events. College of Southern Nevada’s students are concerned with a few issues including a local law-enforcement scandal, national elections and terrorist threats. Rich Bukowski, student at CSN, mentioned the recent issue with a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer James Henry who was arrested […]

CSNHS Students go to College While Finishing High School

By Braydon Heier College of Southern Nevada has challenged high-school students to work on their associate degrees while finishing high school at the same time. These CSNHS students are getting a head start by attending college sooner rather than later. “College of Southern Nevada was a high-school experience unlike any other,” said Dennis Basilio, former […]

What is Ebola?

By Aesha Jones Ebola has been on the rise in West Africa and four cases were identified in the United States. Hospitals around the country are preparing to assist in Ebola cases including University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Some students are concerned about the spread of the virus. According to the Center for Disease […]

Photographer Casey Jade: Her Passions and Her Business

By Yessica Casias Casey “Jade” Levine, a photography student at the College of Southern Nevada, enjoys living life through the lens. Levine speaks about what captures her attention as a photographer. “I love sunsets. I love beautiful landscapes. I am very interested in abandoned things and graveyards, oddly enough. I love people with depth in their […]