Don’t Slow Down Now

Student at libraryBy Lashonza Featherston

Midterms have passed and finals are approaching. Some students tire at this point in the semester while others strive for end-of-term success.

Michael Elia, a CSN instructor, said he’s heard a lot of comments about students mostly enjoy classes this semester. “This term I have not seen a fall off. I generally attribute the high-engagement level to having more, rather than fewer, deliverables—keeping them turning things in or a quiz almost every week.”

“Students are definitely asking more questions after midterms and seem to be more concerned making sure they’re getting each assignment completed correctly and efficiently,” said Ashley Gardner, College of Southern Nevada adjunct instructor.

Some students are ready for the term to end.

“Yeah, I don’t like being at school, if I’m being honest,” said Tavin Planck, a CSN student. “I hit the wall a while ago and I skip my classes.”

Finals will be conducted Dec. 8 to 13. To be successful in the final month of this term, students can do a few things.

According to experts, students should utilize an agenda to keep track of assignments and due dates.

“I have a monthly planner,” said Samantha Picazo, a CSN student. “I put in all my deadlines and with those, the goals I have to meet. Like if I have a paper due… I would set up a day to finish the draft. I even go to the writing tutors to look over my finished paper. It is important to stick to your schedule.”

Sticking to a study schedule, attending classes, meeting with instructors during office hours and setting short- and long-term goals can help students stay focused.

A shot of an asian student working on his laptop at the campus

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