CSN Students Can Access Unlimited Free Tutoring

Joe 1By Joe Baker

Having trouble with your paper for English 101 or the algebra quiz for math 124? College of Southern Nevada resource center is here to help. Tutoring is available for students with unlimited sessions at no cost.

“I’ve been here for three years. When you have a student with passion and a desire to learn, it could be great,” said Seth Churchman, a tutor at the math and science lab at the Henderson campus. “There have been students who started off in math 95 or 96 and made it through calculus and come back to thank us. They let us know that they wouldn’t have made it through the semester without our help.”

Shellie Keller, manager of tutorial services at CSN, credits the success of the lab to the scope of expertise the tutors bring to the table. “Tutorial Services works to improve services every day. Student success is our main mission with significant improvements since James McCoy, associate vice president of student success since July 2012, and I have taken office.”

“Tutoring is free because CSN believes that programs like tutoring truly leads to an increase of student success,” McCoy said. “We want all students to be able to take advantage of tutoring… and those who tend to take advantage of it do better in classes.”

Alex Diana, a CSN student in his second year, has benefited greatly from tutoring. Diana said, “I probably wouldn’t be here or be able to pass any of my classes without tutoring.”

Tutorial services are offered throughout the year for students currently enrolled at CSN who provide valid NSHE IDs and active e-mail addresses. Check this website for days and times http://www.csn.edu/pages/3840.asp.

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