Seeking Confidential Counseling: CAPS Can Help

Ashton CAPSBy Ashton Hall

Mental health is something worth focusing on, as one in four people suffer from some type of issue according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Though many have issues with depression, anxiety, bi-polar, PTSD, or OCD, most do not know how to get help.

The College of Southern Nevada’s Counseling and Psychological Services can provide struggling students with confidential support for free.

“CAPS’ clinicians work with students to plan their therapeutic experience and make the best use of each session,” said Dr. Bradley Gruner, director of CAPS.

CSN has a current student population 38,000, according to CSN’s About Us page. Less than 1 percent of those students have sought care with CAPS. It is trying to broaden its reach and help more students.

“We typically have direct contact with over 1,050 students each year in individual, couples, group therapy sessions and outreach presentations,” Gruner said. Students who have attended sessions found it helpful when dealing with small to big issues, from breakups to serious mental disorders.

“We offer up to 10 free sessions per academic year at CAPS for students taking six or more credits (three or more during summer),” Gruner said.

“Much of the research on college retention points to depression and other significant personal and emotional issues as leading causes for students making the decision to leave school,” Gruner said. CAPS can help students overcome issues and continue their educations.

“CSN has a truly invested and talented group of academic counselors and academic advisors who have advanced degrees in counseling and are well-qualified to assist students with personal concerns,” Gruner said.

Help is available. For more information

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