Latino Mixer

jakubs latino mixerBy Jakub Cernoch

Many students at the College of Southern Nevada attended the Latino Student Mixer in March to find support within the community and join CSN Latino Alliance, Hispanic Student Union, Latino Student Alliance and Latinos United of North America.

CSN Latino Alliance member Leticia Llamas noted that the event had been pulled together to offer students a safe and friendly environment to build friendships, start networking, and find guidance and mentorship.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I did expect a lot of Hispanics and music, because Hispanics love music,” said Nora Hanon, a CSN student who performed with Escobar at the event. “It was really nice to meet new people and talk to them and learn about them.”

Maria Marinch, the director of diversity at CSN, said, “The Office of Diversity collaborates with the different internal and external groups to coordinate events like this. We also work closely with the community to form connections and opportunities for student programming and involvement.”

The keynote speaker of the event Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Santos Martinez shared some of his life experiences. He wished he had a guide to help him through different obstacles he encountered as a student. Through his involvement in student affairs, Martinez is now the guide for others that he wished he had for himself.

Juan Escobar, a CSN student who performed at the event, was inspired by the event to get more involved.


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