CSN Baseball Team Ranked Fourth: Aspire to Championship

Pitcher Thomas Pannone

Pitcher Thomas Pannone, photo credit David Clark

By Robert Vendettoli

Ranked No. 4 in the country the College of Southern Nevada’s baseball program is peaking at the right time.

“Being ranked fourth in the nation is great,” said Evan Van Hoosier, second baseman for the Coyotes. “Until we hold that number 1 ranking, however, and hang that national championship banner in center field, we will never be satisfied.”

With an overall record of 25-8 the team is a force to be reckoned with in the Scenic West Athletic Conference division. With a roster that features a striking lineup and a crafty bullpen, the Coyotes rallied off 11 straight victories earlier in the season and have outscored its opponents by 86 runs.

The baseball team wins on its home turf, Morse stadium, with a current record of 16-2. Opposing teams find our rowdy crowds distracting.

“When you’re playing at home you have that home field comfort,” said Bobby Shiroky, outfielder for the Coyotes. “You’re also playing in front of home-town fans, so you want to perform for them.”

The lineup Coach Nick Garritano put on the field has been electric thus far. The balanced approach, stacked with both power and contact hitters, has allowed for more runs to be successful.

Sophomore Morgan Stotts, freshman Evan Van Hoosier and sophomore Cory Welch have been standouts thus far and will play key roles in the Coyote’s championship dreams.

“Our lineup is one of the best lineups in the country hands down,” Shiroky said. “If our whole lineup is hitting, no one can beat us. If we make it past our league— like we should— and we put metal bats in our hands, there will be no stopping us.”

One true strength of this team can be seen in the starting rotation. With the team’s three starting pitchers: John Conquy, Will Morris and Joey Lauria, each peaking at the right time, the Coyote’s expect its pitching to deliver in clutch moments on its way to a championship.

“Lights out would be the best way to describe our pitching staff,” Van Hoosier said. “If it’s not Joey, Will or John taking us deep in the game, it’s our bullpen. Not many teams have the pitching that we do.” Van Hoosier thinks that will make the winning difference.

“It’s been our goal since day one of the fall,” said Logan Comphel, third basemen for the Coyotes. “We want to win it all. In all honesty it would be a letdown to everyone to not go deep into the postseason.”

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