Vegan Lifestyle Considered

By Nikiya Berry Vegan Outreach encourages students at the College of Southern Nevada to think differently.  Members periodically hand out leaflets on campus to help end animal exploitation through the promotion of a vegan lifestyle. “Every month seems more inspiring than the last,” said Jon Oberg, a Vegan Outreach volunteer. “Many people are going vegetarian and vegan […]

Body Language Speaks More than Words

By Ricardo Torres A lousy handshake, lack of eye-contact and poor wardrobe choices can send job interviews to a screeching halt. Years of college and a flawless resumé might matter little to an interviewer if the applicant practices negative non-verbal communication. “By reading the body language you can learn a lot about people, you can […]

Horn Theatre Showcases Modern Shakespeare

By Ashton Hall William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” came to life on stage when The Utah Shakespeare Festival’s yearly Shakespeare-in-the-Schools circuit stopped by the College of Southern Nevada’s Nicholas J. Horn Theatre for a 12-day stay in February. With 16 roles, eight actors, and a three-month touring period, they will perform 70 shows and hit […]

Station Casinos, AT&T and Capital One are Hiring!

By Daniel Avila College of Southern Nevada Career Services is hosting the 2013 Spring Career Fair on March 6. The fair is designed to help students from CSN and other adults explore job-market prospects and secure employment. The job fair provides employers with opportunities to hire applicants. “No experience needed. We are hiring from entry-level […]

Congressman Horsford Focused on Student Success at CSN

By Chris Moxon United States Congressman Steven Horsford met with students at the College of Southern Nevada on Feb. 19, 2013 as part of the newly-launched program “Congress on Campus”. He is working with CSN President Michael Richards to identify ways to assist African-American students in their degree pursuits, as their graduation rates are low. […]

CSN Gaming Club Brings Together the Spell Slingers

By Jakub Cernoch As a wizard, sending monsters to do your bidding, such as dealing various amounts of destruction and chaos, is all in a day’s work. Ask any member of the College of Southern Nevada Gaming Club about the times they have destroyed their opposition in any number of the games they play and […]

Black History Month Celebrated at CSN

By Crystal Martinez Black history month is celebrated across the nation every year. This February the College of Southern Nevada took the time to appreciate and dedicate an entire month to African-American heritage and culture. “Black history month to me means celebrating the success of African-Americans,” says Ronnisha Green, a CSN student. Green says that […]

Students Seek Relationship Advice

By Clarrissa Lovett With divorce rates increasing, advice may be the key in saving relationships. The College of Southern Nevada hosted a relationship event where students learned advice on ways to keep their relationships passionate and successful. “We see lots of students that struggle with relationship problems just seeking therapy services in our office,” said […]

Decision Behind Taking out Student Loans

By Thomas Shafer Nationwide many undergraduate-college students take out student loans. According to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, 58 percent of these students borrow money for their educations. The question that many students face is whether or not to go into debt to cover school. Within the Nevada System of Higher Education, including […]