CSN Gaming Club Brings Together the Spell Slingers

CSN Gaming Club Members

CSN Gaming Club Members

By Jakub Cernoch

As a wizard, sending monsters to do your bidding, such as dealing various amounts of destruction and chaos, is all in a day’s work.

Ask any member of the College of Southern Nevada Gaming Club about the times they have destroyed their opposition in any number of the games they play and they will quickly tell you. Whether they’re playing video games or card games, every one of them has their own war stories to share.

However, the club is a relatively new addition to the arsenal of clubs already recognized by the student government. “This is the first year we have been recognized as a club with ASCSN Student Government,” said club President Michelle Tewes. “Before this, it was just a group of gamers sitting around in the B Building at Charleston Campus in no organized way.”

The club continues to meet in the B building of the Charleston campus, which is the only host at the moment. “Right now, we are almost exclusively a Charleston based club,” Tewes said. “But we are working to expand to the other campuses to host events there.”

The gaming club also caters to a variety of different gaming tastes, be it cardboard or consoles. “By far, Magic the Gathering and console-fighting games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat [are the most popular],” Tewes said. “Card games are the most utilized games within our membership.”

Eric Kim is one such student who enjoys Magic the Gathering above all others. He said that he played the game in middle school when his friends introduced him to it, but stopped playing for some time until when he picked the game up again.

Christopher Ristick is another student who has found himself drawn to the attraction of Magic the Gathering, but that is far from the only thing. “I play mostly everything D&D [Dungeons & Dragons] on d20 pro,” Ristick said. “Heroclix [and] board games when I can.”

The CSN Gaming Club actively has members in the lobby of the B building at the Charleston Campus going head-to-head in their respective games. All are invited to come down and learn what it takes to be the best at these fun and entertaining games.

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