CSN Student Designs Own Clothing Line

CSN student Leighton Poston wearing Lucrative

CSN Student Leighton Poston Wears Lucrative

By Robert Vendettoli

Fernando Torres, a student at the College of Southern Nevada, is already a successful entrepreneur with a clothing line called Lucrative.

“I love Fernando’s shirts,” said Kih Gourrier, a freshman at the CSN Henderson campus.

“I love the idea in general, it’s simplistic yet catchy,” Gourrier said. “I’ve known Fernando for about a year now and his product just keeps getting better; I feel he could be on his way to something big.”

The idea came to Torres two years ago after working on graphic designs in his spare time. Torres, an accounting major at CSN, decided to take his design talents to start his own fashion business.

“It all kind of just happened accidentally,” Torres said. “I’ve always loved graphic design and the name Lucrative has always been meaningful to me. It all kind of just clicked randomly. I could actually make t-shirts with the designs I felt were really good at the time. I’m blessed people feel the same and wear my clothes around campus.”

Torres’ first t-shirt, Skip the Fame, gave him the confidence he needed to pursue his passion for fashion. Torres printed out 25 t-shirts for his first showing and quickly found them on the backs of fellow Coyotes.

“The Skip the Fame shirt was a really big deal for me,” Torres said. “To me ‘Skip the Fame’ represents working hard for your goals instead of trying to be famous for them.”

Torres continued, “I feel that statement represents my goals perfectly, all I want is to get paid for providing my clients with high-end merchandise. I could care less about the fame of being a designer.”

“I feel the quality of Fernando’s brand is really high,” Habib Madidi said. “Since I’ve become friends with Fernando, I’ve seen his product grow throughout the year with his ideas each time becoming better and better.”

As we finish up the spring semester and head into the summer, Torres is coming out with a line of new shirts and tanks that will generate more attention for his brand.

“This summer is going to be big for us,” Torres added. “We have a new shirt on the way titled Mind Rich, which has received positive reviews.”

As a businessman Torres hopes to take Lucrative global in five years. “I understand that’s a huge goal, but I truly believe Lucrative can be more than just a Nevada thing,” Torres said.

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