Big Win for CSN Spirit Squad


CSN Spirit Squad

By Shenique Schaff

College of Southern Nevada’s Spirit Squad’s hard work paid off when it won the national championship title in December 2012. The squad competed in the American Grand National Championship winning for its second time.

Brianna Vargas is head cheerleader for the spirit squad and she was pleased with the win.

“I was head cheerleader for the two years I was there and I loved it,” Vargas said. “I was so happy when we won our first national championship, because I saw the team grows so much from where we first started. Knowing that I played a huge role in shaping the team made me really proud.”

“Training for competition is always crazy,” Vargas said. The squad had normal three-day-a-week practices before the competition.

“We constantly ran through the whole routine for hours perfecting everything we could,” Vargas said.

The cheerleading squad is making a name for itself inside and outside of school, with the help of the student government. One of student government’s goals is to help with the awareness of sports on campus.

“We post on bulletin boards; we even do some foot work, and hand out fliers and talk to the students,” said Jonathan Paya, a representative of student-government senate on the Charleston campus, when asked how it promotes the cheerleading squad.

Some students on the different campuses are becoming more aware of the spirit squad.

“Yeah! I saw them during the back-to-school event and I saw them on the CSN website,” said Crystle Stewart, a CSN pharmacy-technician student.

Mudiwa Dete, a CSN art student, just heard about the win. “It’s good to know that there is a squad now and they’re winning! That’s something to be proud of.”

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