Security Upgrades: Emergency Phones at CSN

College of Southern Nevada

Gammon, Director of Fire Science and Emergency

By Kheslleen Dimanche

Security has been upgraded at the College of Southern Nevada with new emergency phones in the classrooms and emergency call boxes found around the campuses. The Fire and Management Department has been working hard on this for approximately two years.

Michael D. Richards, president of CSN says, “The new phones are a great complement to the work CSN has done and continues to do to prevent and prepare for emergencies.” The security phones were purchased with grant money that CSN was awarded for campus safety.

Greg Gammon, director of Fire Science and Emergency Management, oversees the CSN campuses. Gammon has assured us that the upgraded security will be of great use if someone is in trouble.

We now have call boxes for students to alert authorities of any dangerous situation they may be in, or that they may be witnessing on all three campuses. We also have emergency phones located in the classrooms. Simply pick up the phone and the authorities will be notified of the location. The upgraded security will be tested monthly to make sure it is working properly.

Gammon says, “In addition to the new call boxes, CSN has just published a new Emergency Operations Plan that is available for all the students to see.  This plan will help guide the school with the important decisions that have to be made during times of crisis. We have close to 100 faculty and staff who have volunteered to be Floor Wardens in the event that an emergency happens at one of our campuses.”

Educating the CSN community about how to use the new security features will take some time to accomplish as many students do not know about this yet. Gabe Hernandez says, “I did not even know that CSN upgraded the security.”

Dr. Richards urges all students, faculty, and staff to sign up to receive emergency alert notifications via text or voice message in the case of an emergency at CSN. To sign up, go to

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