Student Survey Shows Equal Preference for Online & On-Campus Classes

By Hannah Dunbar

More in-person classes are going to be conducted fall semester. Administration, faculty, students and staff chime in.

College of Southern Nevada offered vaccinations to employees and students the past couple months. Now its campuses are vaccination sites for walk-ins for anyone over 16.

According to CSN’s President’s blog a letter from Chancellor Dr. Melody Rose stated the Nevada System of Higher Education is moving forward to have more in-person classes.

James Mccoy, CSN’s vice president of Academic Affairs, stated that about 65% of hands-on classes in applied sciences and health are in-person in the fall. As for general-education classes, 30 to 40% are in-person and hybrid. There are still many classes offered online.

Even with in-person and hybrid classes returning, CSN continues to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

Mccoy said, “Social distancing and mask wearing will still be required in the fall of 2021. We have a plan B and a Plan C. If the pandemic goes how we don’t want it to then we will be fully prepared.”

A CSN survey titled Fall 2021 Student Schedule Survey, sent out Feb. 11, 2021, over 3,000 students responded: 48% want classes fully online, 48% want in-person and hybrid classes and 4% do not care.

Even though some may feel unsafe with in-person classes, online classes are still an option. CSN is trying its best to make sure students and staff feel safe for the fall. With vaccinations and precautionary guidelines at CSN fall term should be somewhat back to normal.  

“Given the current data showing the efficacy of the vaccines, I believe that this would be a great step forward to get us closer back to our normal lives,” said David Goldwater, an astronomy professor at CSN.

Cathy Beauvais, English instructor at CSN, said, “I am happy that CSN is attempting to return to some type of normalcy; however, I just want students and faculty to be safe.”

“Personally, I still don’t feel safe enough to take an in-person class,” said Damne Berrios-Penados, a CSN student. “People are still getting sick even with the vaccine and it’s not something to joke about because COVID-19 doesn’t get to us all the same way.”

CSN student Toonizhoni Bedonie said, “Personally, I believe that if a greater amount of CSN’s students and staff were to get vaccinated it would send a sign of good relief for many who wish to return to on-campus classes.”

Christine Shore, lead librarian at CSN’s Henderson library, thinks that it’s good that in-person classes are on the fall schedule. “So much of the college experience happens on campus and I think our students deserve that experience.”

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