Operation Sanitization

By J. Watts

Keeping things sanitized on campus with strict protocols to keep students, staff, faculty and administration safe is a key priority for College of Southern Nevada.

Majority of classes are held online this spring term, which limits the large number of students on campus making things a bit safer during this pandemic. There are those; however, that are coming to campus. The collegiate environment must be heavily sanitized with increased cleaning protocols to remain operable.

Jennifer Gray, director of Auxiliary Services at the College, says, “There are new sanitation practices in place. We wear PPE, maintain social distancing guidelines, complete a daily health self-assessment before coming to work, and we clean and disinfect in the store every 2-to-3 hours.” 

According to CSN’s COVID-19 website, in the past year there have been 424 positive cases. That number is low compared to the overall student and employee population at the College but it still warrants concern.  

Faculty of the College are critical in sanitation efforts and they are helping to keep the individual classrooms as sanitary as possible.

Coordinator Andrew Kolb, who operates the student-run CSN Streamin’ Radio station, keeps the radio environment clean particularly the equipment: soundboards, microphones and headsets.

“I’m making it the safest and most sterile atmosphere for students as possible,” Kolb says. “I provide students with individual windscreens for the microphones. After class I wipe down surfaces, spray Lysol and disinfect. I wipe down all contact points: keyboards, knobs, buttons and door handles.”

The CSN maintenance staff, on the other hand, are the key individuals behind general campus operations. What once seemed like a normal job for them could easily be the difference between health and illness in these times. Though there are pros and cons, their work environment has never been emptier.

“It’s kind of scary to see,” said Jean Downs, a maintenance member at the CSN Charleston campus. “I used to see a ton of students here. Now it’s like a ghost town. I’m looking forward to having students back here. They are what drive CSN.”  

Getting back to the physical campus environment is a very real possibility in the near future. The increased distribution of COVID vaccines across Nevada are not only making the return more likely but it will ultimately ensure the safety of our college community.

In the meantime, it is best for students to remain off campus unless necessary to come.

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