SPXTRM Elevates Consciousness

By Marisol Pino

High-energy beats with lyrics that raise consciousness finds its way into Philip Hopper’s music.

He goes by the name SPXTRM. During his search for a name Hopper came across the word “Spectrum,” which suited him because he didn’t want to be limited but instead expansive. “Everything has a spectrum whether it be color or light, from here to there infinitely: The whole spectrum,” Hopper said. “I can do whatever I want; rap about whatever I want.”

SPXTRM’s music is hard to define though many describe his music as deep and soulful.

“So basically the vibe I wanted was like super hype, high-energy but I wanted to be super conscious and all about love and finding yourself,” Hopper said. “But having such a mixture if you weren’t listening to the words you would think it was just a normal freaking hype party song.”

Hopper shared a verse from the album he is currently working on. “Don’t care if you conscious. Trust I’m your favorite I promise. Make you pick up the quartz and put down the diamonds. Love is my signature so I ain’t signing no dotted line if my soul ain’t aligning.”

“I love SPXTRM’s music because he says all the words that your mind thinks when you get into those deep deep thoughts that are hard to formulate into words and he just upright says them,” said Joshua Turner, Hopper’s close friend. “There’s truly no filter and I believe that’s why so many people resonate so deeply with his lyrics.”

Thanks to social media SPXTRM has a widespread fan base throughout the United States and even in England. People constantly come across his Instagram page, show support and even open up by direct messaging him.

Hopper, who is attending College of Southern Nevada, spreads messages of spirituality and consciousness through his music that is a mesh between trendy rap and hip hop. He has lyrics that illuminate crystals, meditation, yoga, hydration and self-healing.

According to Nielsen Music 2017 Year-End Report, for the first time R&B and hip hop became music’s most-consumed genre last year. So SPXTRM’s music is in good company.

“Hip hop is the main music that our generation listens to so people are starting to fuse this together by taking hip hop and this new awareness and new awakening and meshing it up,” Hopper said.

“My music, you can’t really put your finger on it and I don’t want you to be able to put a finger on what I do,” Hopper said.” I didn’t want anyone to categorize me and say ‘Oh you only make this’.”

“I remember going to one of his shows and the energy I felt in that room it was unbelievable,” said Jasmine Flores, SPXTRM fan. “He truly uplifts spirits and is here to help spread knowledge of self. It makes me feel connected to my higher self. I understand where he is coming from and his energy is so electrifying.”

Rapping has always been a talent for Hopper. During his high-school years he would freestyle on the spot around his family and friends. “I realized he was special when he was 15,” said Donovan Hopper, Hopper’s Brother. “He wrote, produced and recorded his first track all on his own and his lyrics were ages past his time—well beyond what he had learned in his life at that time.”

“It was clear something higher was channeling through him and he was truly creating from the soul,” Donovan Hopper said.

“I’ve definitely liberated a lot of people through my music,” Hopper said. “I get messages daily. It’s something else that just keeps me going.”

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