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FullSizeRender-2By Karen Ortega

Students are increasingly becoming more conscious of their health and fitness. Campus athletic centers and fun workout options can make a difference in getting students active and increasing their GPAs.

College of Southern Nevada’s Sports Center currently offers Pilates, Zumba, martial arts self-defense and Coyote boot camp, among other classes. There is also a full gym set up with weights and cardio equipment. A goal of the Center is to get students to work out, which can help them achieve health and academic goals.

“Our mission is to engage the campus community in recreation and wellness programs designed to stimulate personal development and enhance academic productivity to enrich the quality of life for a diverse community through excellence in programs, services and facilities” according to the Center’s website.

Students with fitness memberships on campus have higher GPAs by .13 percent, according to an April 2016 study “Benefits of Expanding College Athletic Facilities” by Ohio University. Students who worked out on campus had higher grades, longer attendance and higher likelihood of advancing to sophomore year than non-gym students. Many universities and colleges across the country are investing in their recreation centers. CSN is one of them. By doing so, they are helping students achieve at higher rates.


Marisol Pino, student at CSN, lifts weights five-to-six times a week. It takes a lot of determination and dedication to be an active weightlifter, Pino said. These great qualities have spilled over into her school work. “My energy is at its peak. Many people are amazed on how I go from school to work to working out, and maintaining a good GPA and still having a social life.” She credits the gym, of course.

“When I started to workout it was a struggle, but I stuck through it and I couldn’t be happier,” said Jasmine Flores, CSN student. “I have seen a drastic change in my energy and it has shown through my school work and even my day-to-day life.”

Currently in her last term at CSN, nursing student Jocelyn Aguirre considers herself very active. “Some of my advanced nursing classes are at 8 in the morning and then straight to work but I still make it to the gym either before classes or after work,” Aguirre said. “It might seem like a lot to handle but my energy keeps me going and yes I still get my homework done on time.”

Students can participate in classes at CSN’s Sports Center through May 5. A membership costs $20 per semester. The evidence shows it’s worth it.

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