Online Workshop offered for Students with Academic Warning

xxxxxxxxxBy Yozelin Luna

New policy was enacted for students at College of Southern Nevada with grade-point-averages less than 2.0 who have received academic warnings. They must take an online Academic Success Warning Probation Workshop to continue with their schooling.

“[The Workshop] is an intervention tool aimed at providing academic support and resources to increase retention and assist students in their efforts to work towards good standing,” according to the program’s brochure.

Students will be introduced to the following activities: reflection exercises identifying specific challenges and barriers impacting their academic performances, effective study strategies and techniques, important tips for future course planning, among other tools and suggestions, according to the brochure.

It was implemented fall 2016 after the pilot program ran from fall 2014 till fall 2016.

In those pilots, a significant increase in GPA was seen from students who took the Workshop, according to the brochure. In the first cohort fall 2014, there were 148 students who participated and saw a 58 percent increase in GPA following the course. In the second cohort fall 2015, there were 1702 students who participated and saw a 69 percent increase in GPA. The fall 2016 cohort had 1561 students although the Workshop was rolled out to the College at large. The statistics show this Workshop helps students succeed.

This is how it works. The Registrar sends out emails every semester notifying students of their academic statuses. If they are in academic warning there is a hold on their accounts, which disables them from enrolling in classes. At this point they can go to Canvas to find the link for the Workshop. Once they have completed it the hold lifts within 48 hours. Students no longer have to sit out on a semester because of academic warning.


Diona Williams

Diona Williams, Career and Technical Education senior specialist at CSN, helps students stay in school and persist to graduation. She led the development team in the creation of this Workshop.

“It is a tremendous benefit for students, which helps them identify their areas that they need help in,” Williams said.

Comments from students who took the Workshop, as printed on the brochure, were favorable stating, “This has helped me realized what my problem is and what I need to do to fix it” and “I am more motivated and have more confidence in being better for the next semester.”

Amy Palmer, counselor at CSN, said, “I like that it is a personal interactive experience for students.” She is part of the instructional video sharing tips on how to schedule classes and prioritize school with great time-management skills.

Ana Vides, former student from CSN, said school was hard for her and she wished the Workshop was available when she had difficulties. “I am glad they are making programs like this because college is not easy.”

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