Baseball Excellence Continues at CSN

By Kory Scott College of Southern Nevada’s baseball program continues to be a gold mine for minor-league drafts. Five players went pro last season. The five players included the following: Jordan Hand, Taylor Hallead, Gabe Gonzalez, Brody Westmoreland and Mikey York. Hand was drafted to the New York Mets—selected in round 39—and is currently a […]

NFL Stadium Build Comes at a Cost

By Joaquin Mojica Nevada Legislature voted Oct. 11 to approve the Oakland Raiders stadium build with $750 million in lodging tax on hotel rooms on the Strip. The vote came with some controversy. The Legislature met in Carson City, Nev. and passed a bill to fund the construction of a $1.9 billion domed stadium to […]

Clinton Clear Winner in Student Poll

By Dakota Hallaway Hillary Clinton is students’ choice as election nears according to informal poll conducted at College of Southern Nevada’s North Las Vegas campus. A poll was conducted on Oct. 17 and 19 asking 100 students three questions: are they registered to vote, are they going to vote and who are they voting for. […]