Campus Name Change

a3By Torya Moore

College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus recently had its name changed to North Las Vegas campus.

City of North Las Vegas’ Mayor John Lee along with CSN’s President Michael Richards are pleased with the recent change.

“We are thrilled that the College of Southern Nevada has decided to move forward with this name change, which has been a long time coming,” said Lee, in a June 2 press release by City of North Las Vegas and CSN. “Having a city-branded campus will help connect the College to our local businesses and the numerous companies looking to set roots in North Las Vegas and instill confidence in everyone looking to do business here that North Las Vegas has the resources to provide a strong, educated and trained workforce.”

CSN’s President Richards said in the press release, “Changing the name of CSN campus to the College of Southern Nevada North Las Vegas campus will help us address our shared interests of education and helping people obtain meaningful career. It will also help us to brand that campus as the premier postsecondary and training provider for North Las Vegas’ dynamic workforce needs.”

Tiffani Russell, CSN student, said, “The name change is kind of confusing and there seems to be no reason for it.” Russell thought the original name, Cheyenne campus, should stick.

Administrative Assistant at the North Las Vegas campus Irma Fregoso said she liked the name change because it makes the campus easier to find in North Las Vegas.

The process to change the name has been a few years in the making requiring support from the Nevada System of Higher Education, the collegiate system CSN is part of.

“The full Board of Regents approved the name change of the campus at its June meeting,” said Katheryn Brekken, executive director of Public Affairs and Government Relations.

“We’re in the process of planning a ribbon cutting for the new sign with the City of North Las Vegas’ Mayor John Lee and President Michael Richards in November,” Brekken said.

“There are no anticipated cost with the name change because the city found a donor to provide the new signage,” Brekken said. “Stationary, business cards, etcetera will be replaced with the new campus name through regular attrition.”


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