Softball Players Shine Early in the Season

Assistant Softball Coach Mark Stoner with players

Assistant Softball Coach Mark Stoner with players

By Heather Love

College of Southern Nevada’s softball players demonstrate remarkable talent and dedication to the sport with strong hitting and consecutive wins.

Currently the Coyote’s record stands 10-3 with a five-game winning streak. The team already defeated the nationally eighth-ranked Odessa College and 12th-ranked Central Arizona College.

The Coyotes achieved a ranking of third in the nation during spring 2014 led by Head Softball Coach Callen Perreira. The team’s goal this season is to make it to the National Junior College Athletic Association’s Softball Division Three National Championships mid-May.

The team is on its way to the championships working hard on and off the field.

Kristina Nelson, pitcher for the Coyotes, said the team practices every day between games. The Coyotes will be playing double headers, two games back-to-back, both Fridays and Saturdays for the rest of the season.

The players are together a lot of the time, which requires comradery. Perreira said the team has great chemistry. “We have a good hitting team and they work and blend really well together.”

Some have a misconception that softball is easier than baseball.

Dacia Sykes, catcher for the Coyotes softball team, feels passionately about correcting this point. She is ready with statistics about the game—how fast the ball is thrown and how players field hits.

For example, multiple wins this season were locked in by a solid offense and defense team. Currently Megan Mello pitched 49.1 innings with 48 strike outs and has a .520 batting average, according to the team’s statistics end of February.

Sarina Creswell, third baseman for the Coyotes, is another strong batter with 23 runs, 25 RBIs and a batting average of .528.

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