Audience Laughed Night Away at Students’ Short Acts

taylor 5By Taylor Shaw

Student actors and directors showcased their talents and charmed audiences on opening night of the College of Southern Nevada’s One Act Festival on March 14.

“The purpose of the One Act Festival is to give acting and directing opportunities to as many theater students as possible,” said Richard McGee, music professor at CSN.

The BackStage Theatre, host to the festival’s productions, was filled to maximum capacity as the plays premiered to a receptive audience. Some attendees, unable to find a seat, stood in the back and enjoyed the shows.

“I love coming to these One Acts,” said Taleah Cobb, a local resident who attended the evening.

The festival included humorous productions including the following: “Head on”, “So Tell Me About This Guy”, “Guest of Honor”, “Mpls, St. Paul”, “The M Word” and “Executive Dance”. The dramatic comedies with a more serious tone included the shows: “Tape”, “Gave Her the Eye” and “At Sea”.

The actors and directors who participated in the One Act Festival auditioned to perform in a number of productions. There were nine shows in total and each show was approximately 10 minutes long. Each show had the audience giggling and anticipating more.

The audience was excited about “Executive Dance”. According to the show’s description, at an executive function two junior execs showed off their skills at foxtrot, rumba and waltz while discussing company politics. The two men had to dance with each other, which got a laugh from the audience. The room came alive during this show; many audience members were dancing in their seats.

One Act Festival faculty adviser Mindy Woodhead emphasized the significance of this festival to its student participants. “I think it is important for students to get the opportunity to experience play production first hand,and to grow their skills through practical application and not just theoretical,” Woodhead said.

Nathan Douglas, CSN student and actor in the production “Guest of Honor”, always wanted to be an actor so that he could get over his stage fright. He also said acting gives him a chance to meet new people and to express himself.

“This is only our second year of the series, and it has been an arousing success for students and audiences,” McGee said.  “I couldn’t be happier with the way that the One Act Festival has grown and matured.”

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