Student Fashion Tips: Reduce, Reuse, Recreate

College of Southern Nevada

Fashion blogger, and CSN student, Marinette Canlas, shares her tips.

By Stephanie Santana

Tuition fees increased and book prices rose cutting into students’ budgets for their clothing. According to Marinette Canlas, a student of the College and a fashion blogger, looking good doesn’t have to suffer because of the downfall in the economy. A lot of students on campus are on a budget, just like her, but that doesn’t mean they can’t dress to impress.

Recycling is a good alternative especially with new fashion trends. According to Canlas, one way to save up money is to reuse the clothes you already have or better yet, raid your mom or dad’s closet. You can also recreate your old clothes and add a new style to them.

Summer season just ended and it isn’t cold enough for you to wear that trench coat that you’ve been dying to wear. So grab your old tank top and dress it up with a denim shirt or cardigan. Another good tip for “recessionistas” out there is to do a little bit of cutting and hemming to transform your old jeans into something new. Last but not least: accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Flair up your plain white tee or button-up shirt with some bling and revitalize your look.

In a recent survey of 10 CSN students, women spent more money compared with men on clothes. An average woman spends $100 to $150 a month on shopping for clothes, while an average guy spends $50 to $100. Jojo Pascua is a CSN student who likes to show his own style and unique swag. “You can find decent clothes on sales racks and even thrift stores,” Pascua stated.

Looking good doesn’t always mean you have to pay more. Dig into the closet and recreate some fashion for fall that will fit your budget. Reduce your expenses by reusing and recreating your old clothes.

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