Growing Up Can Be Hard to Do

By Daniel Ramirez

Adulting 101 seminars are offered at College of Southern Nevada to help students grow.

Taxes, bills, savings and relationships are part of becoming an adult. These things can be stressful on top of attending classes, doing homework and going to work.

The Adulting 101 free sessions are held at Charleston and North Las Vegas campuses in the student unions. It is a series dedicated to helping students improve various life skills such as money management, relationships and taxes.

CSN Multicultural Affairs Manager Nadia Czesky said, “The concept behind Adulting 101 really is to give students, faculty and staff different skills that are needed to be a quote ‘Adult’.”

“We want to provide some experts in the room to tell you how best to do it,” Czesky said. “We wanted to make sure students feel empowered to really take control of their lives through Adulting 101.” She adds that CSN will add more sessions with wide range of topics including parenting and cooking.

Czesky as well as Natalie Nelson, who is the Multicultural program coordinator, were looking for a way to help provide students with guidance on life skills. They were inspired by reading what other colleges that started similar programs are doing.

CSN student Joseph Barajas said, “I feel pretty anxious (about becoming an adult) to be honest just because I don’t know if I’ll be able to be successful or provide for myself.”

Frank Canales, CSN student who attended the money management session, said he feels challenged learning about financial responsibilities such as financial aid, housing, expenses and transportation. “Those are the challenges I had when learning about adulthood.”

Many CSN students have different viewpoints about growing up; not all students are fearful. Some embrace new responsibilities and look forward to learning new skills.

CSN student and journalism major Markel Collins said, “I wouldn’t say I’m nervous (about adulting). I’m not nervous because it’s coming one way or another and I’m kind of in the middle of it.”

Ana Meza, CSN student, adds, “Everyone has their own journey. You don’t become an adult at 18. I think you become an adult with different experiences such as buying your first car and renting or buying your first home. Becoming financially independent is most likely the biggest task when becoming an adult.”

Canales had high praise for the session. “I Love how it was free. That’s what really interested me because it was open to the public and if CSN continues to do more of those classes I think it would benefit the community.”

Barajas said he thinks the classes are a good thing. “As a kid going through school you don’t have any kind of these classes. That’s literally life after high school. Most kids come out not knowing how to manage their money or do their taxes so if CSN can bring that to students it would really help us a lot with growing up and getting us closer to adulthood.”

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