Getting Around Made a Little Easier

By Bobbie A. Hickman

Campus Commuter, new shuttle service offered for College of Southern Nevada and Nevada State College students, is in its pilot phase offering commutes between campuses while working the kinks out.

The service provides two routes. The blue line services two stops: North Las Vegas campus to Charleston campus. The black line has four stops: North Las Vegas campus, East Las Vegas library, Henderson campus and Nevada State College.

The two colleges introduced the new shuttle service, which runs during the week during both semesters—not including the summer term—earlier this year. To use the service students must have a student ID, which costs $2 and can be purchased at the cashier’s office and retrieved at the student union where it is printed.

The service, in its pilot stage, runs through the end of 2020 before going under review. Some changes and new routes may be considered for the future.

“We need to run this trial to know what is working and what needs to be changed,” said Nevada Lieutenant Governor Kate Marshall, who was part of the planning process for this new service. “We want to do this right and to do that we have to really show the majority of not only where people are living but where they may be working and childcare is all something we will find with a trial run.”

For now, the shuttle serves students on a first-come first-serve basis. Students can expect to reserve a seat in the future via the DoubleMap app.

Bell Trans Shuttle Driver Henry Thompson, who drives the black line route, said the app will track where the shuttles are to help students know when to expect arrivals especially with traffic delays. Useful announcements are also sent out such as routes not running during spring break.

Services are currently free, but a pay schedule is planned for the future.

ASCSN student government President Daniel Gutierrez said, “The app will be updated to include payment options.”

Gutierrez said, “The shuttle helps make transportation easier for multi-campus students without cars and or stable rides. It also offers the option for students who would otherwise drive absurd distances to leave their car at the campus closest to them and conveniently ride to the campus they need to be at.”

Diego Estifanos, an automotive technology student at CSN, lives in Henderson to catch the shuttle that takes him to North Las Vegas campus where most of his classes are. He said it has helped. “But I wish they would have it for longer because my classes end at 9:30 p.m. and it ends at 10 p.m. So, I still have to take the city bus.”

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Routes for the Shuttles

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