If You Build it They Will Come

img_4228By Samantha Fry

New softball field on College of Southern Nevada’s Henderson campus opened for fall training.

“The field itself features state-of-the-art synthetic turf that allows us to play all year round,” said Dexter Irvin, director of athletics and recreation for CSN. “It’s also significant in saving water. We have a state-of-the-art press box … a scoreboard and restroom facilities there at the location, in addition to hitting tunnels for the teams to practice and warm up on.”

The new field is located at Henderson campus adjacent to the baseball field. There is one softball stadium to be used by the Lady Coyotes.

Irvin said, “The overall cost was around $2 million … a lot of that was spent on the infrastructure: the water, the electrical and the things that we had to do to get power out to that area.”

Prior to the new field the team played at the Russell Road Recreation Complex located in Henderson. Now the ladies have their own place to call home.

“Having a place to call home means stability,” Irvin said. In addition to benefiting the current team, the new field will draw interest from future players. “It means an ability to recruit a better student athlete.”

img_4232Catcher Jordan Menke said, “Playing on a turf field is a lot different than playing on any other field, giving us a huge advantage. We’ll know how to play the hops better than anyone we play this season.” A benefit of this new field is the predictability of how balls bounce off the turf, which is different than other surfaces.

“I am most excited to represent CSN being the first class to play [on the new field],” Menke said. “Just being able to be a part of school history is really a blessing. Not only my team but our opponents and our fans will reap the rewards of having this amazing new facility.”

With the field finally completed and softball season approaching, new Head Softball Coach Jim Overturf is hopeful that the word will get around about the new stadium and the support the program has received. Overturf joined CSN this fall and is looking forward to a successful season.

“I am very excited for this opportunity,” said Overturf, referring to his new position. “I hope to have a team that is very competitive and proud they are playing at CSN.”


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