Bump, Set, Spike


By Kim Trejo

College of Southern Nevada has a new women’s volleyball team that will compete as part of the National Junior College Athletic Association. It is the first team in the state to play in the NJCAA.

According to its mission statement the NJCAA fosters a national athletics program for two-year colleges. It promotes healthy and fair competition and provides opportunities for men and women to play sports at schools that otherwise wouldn’t have them.

The team started its inaugural season Aug. 28 with Head Volleyball Coach Sue Thurman. Thurman coached high-school volleyball as head coach for 15 years and recently came to CSN. She and three assistant coaches are working hard to build this team along with 13 players.

“They knew being a part of a new program was going to be an adventure and a journey,” Thurman said. “When we set goals for ourselves we talked about being good passers, playing good defense, serving the ball well and our success would come throughout that cooperation. I think we have some very mature young ladies that are very goal oriented.”

CSN’s women’s volleyball team started its season with three losses—one against Yavapai College and two against Utah State University Eastern. It was a slow start but the team is gaining headway and recently saw a few wins.

“We’re still learning to play as a team,” said Olivia Larson, middle blocker. “We are all new compared to other teams where their main hitters have all played with each other before.”

Team with Coach Thurman

Team with Coach Thurman

Lauren Tegtmeier, right side hitter, was very excited when she heard Coach Thurman was coming to CSN. It was a chance for her to work with Thurman again after participating in her volleyball summer camps while she was in high school.

Bailey Bergquist, outside hitter, was thrilled when she heard CSN was adding a women’s volleyball team. She played for Sierra Vista High School and wanted to continue playing in state. Now she has the opportunity.

Ariel Blockovich, setter, said the season has been a lot of fun so far and the games have definitely been a lot faster paced compared to those played in high school.

CSN’s women’s volleyball will play the next three matches at home. For more information on the schedule visit http://www.csncoyotes.com/index.aspx?path=volleyball.

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