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Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams

By Jonmaesha Shadrick

Andrew Romanelli recently saw his poems published in Neon Dreams.

Students who are creative writers and artists can submit their works for a chance to be published in Neon Dreams, a literary and visual arts journal at College of Southern Nevada. The club publishes a new issue each year. It is in its sixth issue. The recent Neon Dreams published 33 writers and artists’ works.

The Creative Writing Club held an event at the Charleston campus on April 16. Romanelli read four of his poems at the launch party and open-mic event.

As an only child growing up in Las Vegas Romanelli dealt with abuse and was constantly in trouble. During his childhood Romanelli started writing short stories and poetry to cope with his problems but it was not until college when his poetry flourished.

Romanelli explained how some people find comfort in talking to others about their troubles but he would rather express his feelings on paper.

“When writing and reading my work at open-mics I feel like I have actually dealt with it, even if nobody sees or hears it, I know I have expressed myself,” Romanelli said. “It’s rewarding to have someone say that they can relate or that they have been inspired themselves.”

Romanelli draws inspiration from his daily experiences: love, heartbreak, winning, losing, casual conversations, jazz music and other famous poets.

Romanelli had seven of his poems published in the past two issues of Neon Dreams titled: “By the Threads You Weave,” “Mush,” “He Walks to Death and Darkness,” “Soft,” “A Life in Love,” “Azul Marrón Sueños … for Gabriela” and “SFG… Jack Spicer.”

He was also published in another publication called Helen, a Vegas-based arts and literary magazine. His poems “Stella by Starlight,” “Fallen Notes” and “Cheesecake,” which were inspired by jazz music, were featured.

“I learn a lot from Andrew’s work,” said Joshua Mirenda, president of Creative Writing Club. “His voice is really profound in his work. There’s no mistake that it’s his.”

Mirenda also notes his admiration of Romanelli’s charisma and draws inspirations for his own writings through Romanelli’s work.

The Creative Writing Club started in 2010 and has three literary magazines: Neon Dreams, Aspirations Magazine and The Stylus. The club has meetings, open-mic readings, poetry slams, writing contests, workshops and networking with other writers, according to the club.

“We’re a family,” Romanelli said. “It’s great to be around people who have a similar passion as you do. We get inspired by each other’s work.”

Yelena Bailey-Kirby, English professor, has influenced Romanelli. She is the advisor of the club and Romanelli is vice president. She has helped him become a stronger writer.

“He brings a positive vibe and energy to the club with his sense of humor,” Bailey-Kirby said.

One of her favorite love poems of Romanelli is his “Stella by Starlight.”

“I could lose everything in my life, but I will still have writing,” Romanelli said. “I can’t live without it and it will continue to be my therapy—my way of life.”

Andrew Romanelli

Andrew Romanelli












“Stella by Starlight” by Andrew Romanelli

I found her swinging down

My boulevard one new born night.

In the soft piano keyed rain

Where the clouds rolled thin.


Underneath the starlight

I spoke alto, spoke tenor,

To her bass like dreams

Washed in soft cymbals.


Until a smile crept and folded,

To be pressed against my lips.

How it kicked like a trumpet!

Just before the keys finished us off.

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