Nix Bros. TV and Film Projects Go Mainstream

The Nix Bros.

The Nix Bros. (photos courtesy of Ryan Brackin)

By Heather LoveEvan and Adam Nix, known as the Nix Bros., have passions and immense talents for infusing storytelling and humor into their television and film making.

The brothers, who formerly attended College of Southern Nevada in the media technologies program, have been making films for years and more recently they got into television.

“We make a unique brand of colorful comedic narrative, specializing in visual storytelling through direction and editing,” wrote the Nix Bros on their website. “We started making films in 1999 with a VHS camcorder. Since then, we’ve collaborated with a handful of extremely talented writers, comedians and musicians. Our videos have screened in film festivals and have been featured on notable websites across the vast universe via the World Wide Web.”

Recently they have found much success.

The Nix Bros. earned the chance to direct an episode of the television show “Other Space.” It is a comedy produced by Paul Feig who directed “Bridesmaids” and who is currently working on the upcoming “Ghostbusters.” The film will premiere this spring on Yahoo! Entertainment, a portal for news, entertainment, movies and games.

Turner Entertainment Networks Inc. owns truTV, which picked up one of the brother’s projects called “Those Who Can’t.” Initially the brothers produced. Now they are taking on the prized role of director. They are currently working on upcoming episodes that feature the Denver-based comedy group The Grawlix. The show premieres in 2016.

Recently the Nix Bros. were accepted into the Directors Guild of America, a union that protects creative rights of directors, assistant directors and production managers. It was a unique opportunity to be accepted as a team by the DGA, which only selects a few duo directors such as the Coen Brothers who worked on movies like “True Grit” and “The Big Lebowski.”

Grateful for their major projects and awards in television, the Nix Bros. will continue to work in TV and also spend time directing movies.

The Nix Bros.

The Nix Bros.

“We love to wear all hats but ultimately we are trying to direct,” Adam Nix said.Some of their recent short films include “Moving Buddies,” “Selective Outrage Card” and “Over the Tip.”

The Nix Bros. career was sparked by John Marsh, former media technologies instructor at CSN, who fueled their passions for filmmaking.

“You could tell that [John Marsh] just lived and breathed movie making and it rubbed off on everyone in his class,” Evan Nix said. “He had a do-it-yourself quality that I think inspired us in our whole approach to filmmaking.”

School taught the Nix Bros. important skills they use today including the following: story boarding, script creating, computer graphics and interactive video entertainment.

Randy Becker, department chair of the media technologies program at CSN, said the program can teach students marketable skills for the entertainment field. It worked for the Nix Bros.

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