People Can Take You Places

2By Alex Aguilar

Creating networks with access to professionals can help students get jobs. A workshop called The Art of Networking was held on campus for students.

“I believe that networking is a critical part of any student’s career,” said Kathia Sotelo Calderon, College of Southern Nevada student who attended the seminar. “There is the saying ‘People can take you places’ meaning that with the right contacts you might learn of the opportunities that will help you reach your goals.”

Networking also opens doors for new experiences and CSN student Laura Sida is aware of that. “If students stick to the same group of people, they will never meet … new people or new possibilities. [They will] miss out on opportunities that can come with networking. It is no longer what you know but who you know.”

“Professional networking is about making contacts and building relationships that can lead to jobs or other work-related opportunities,” wrote Linda Wiener, in an article on Monster, a leading job site. “Done right, it can help you obtain leads, referrals, advice, information and support. It is an essential component of any successful job search, but it requires calculated planning.”

Wiener suggests tips on how to do this: know how to make a pitch, keep track of contacts, expand horizons and build a net worth. By following these recommendations, students can approach the job market proactively and create opportunities they didn’t have.

Ryan Rishling, senior career specialist at the CSN, hosted the workshop.

“When people lose jobs, they lose money, so they begin to use contacts,” said Rishling, as he explains the use of networking. He encourages students to make connections with people for future references, which has helped him in his 10 years of working in career services and with homeless people in Portland, Ore.

The Art of Networking workshop was held on CSN’s Charleston campus Feb. 12. Rishling taught students how to master the art of small talk, how to give a perfect handshake and how to discern appropriate contacts for networking.

Monica Diaz, a CSN student, said, “I’m no stranger to the idea of networking because it has prepared me for the world and I believe knowing the right people is important when it comes to future job opportunities. So having workshops … is going to bring more knowledge and success for those who attend.”

For more information on future workshops head to the Career Center or click this link

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