Headliner’s High Noon Narrative Rocks the Coffeehouse

The band at The Beat Coffeehouse and Records

The band at The Beat Coffeehouse and Records

By Terrell Markie

College of Southern Nevada Students Ethan Ventura and Efrem Fajardo recently took the stage to perform five songs at The Beat Coffeehouse and Records, in the heart of Fremont Street, alongside their band High Noon Narrative for their first headlining performance.

“Personally I love delivering to an audience,” says Ventura, the bass player of the band. “I like to play something on my guitar that translates to an expression or emotion to the audience.”

Fajardo, the lead singer of the band, loves the audience’s reactions especially when they are followers of the band. “When someone says ‘I like the lyrics to your songs’ it makes it worth it.”

Both musicians have many influences that affect their music.

“I come from a punk rock influence,” Ventura says. “It’s cool to have that style there and contribute to the band and to the sound of our music. I apply that even though we don’t play punk rock and we play something completely different.”

“We are just a melting pot of influences,” Fajardo comments. “I think sound wise, we don’t pull from old-school music. We’re very influenced by modern-day alternative, indie-rock kind of music. We’re not super disco or anything like that.”

Raymond Niño, a CSN student, attended the show where he enjoyed the musical styles of High Noon Narrative.

“I enjoyed myself a lot,” Niño says. “What came to my mind with the sound of their music was more alternative then rock but at the same time they almost reminded me of Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

“My favorite song of the night was definitely ‘Lion Heart’,” Niño explains. “I felt like the song had a different vibe to it. It had a lot of energy, which is what I liked the most about it. The way they performed it just gave it that extra energy to get the crowd excited.”

Before headlining their first show, High Noon Narrative started doing shows at The Crêpe, located inside Tivoli Village in Summerlin. The band would perform songs that they wrote during an open-mic night and open for local bands.

When it comes to the future of High Noon Narrative, Ventura and Fajardo have big plans for the band.

“The ultimate goal is to tour and to release at least one album,” Fajardo says.

“We want to have people listen to our songs,” Ventura adds.

The band continues to play open-mic nights at The Crêpe every Sunday.

“We’re planning a show with other bands and that should be either end of February or end of March,” Fajardo says. “We’re trying to book as many as possible to get our name out there. We’re also traveling to Nashville for about a week to play a few shows as well as open mics.”

Follow High Noon Narrative on Twitter @hnnband or on Instagram at highnoonnarrative.

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