Filmmakers’ Showcase

Filmmakers from the CSN program

Filmmakers from the CSN program

By H. Patrick Lombardo

College of Southern Nevada presented its videography and film program’s third annual Short Film Showcase on Oct. 10, 2014. The Morse Arberry Jr. Telecommunications Auditorium was the venue for 13 student films that were screened to represent examples from the film production classes at CSN.

The night’s big winner “American Nightmare” directed by Fernando Nava took home the prize for Best Picture. Nava’s film about a brother and sister trying to make it across the U.S.-Mexico border was a serious look at some of the issues—racism, human trafficking and sexual assault— that some immigrants are currently facing.

“Getting the word out there is important,” Nava said.

Awards were also presented to the following films: “The Sound of Color” by Eyob Mergia for Best Documentary, “Together Forever” by Aaron Parpart for Best Directing, “Do Right” by Brian Trawick for Best Cinematography and Tony Mendoza for Best Editing.

Mendoza had two entries in the festival: “Hardware Store Commercial” and “AM2 Music Video.”

The honor of Best Screenplay was awarded to Rick Barcode for his film “Hellixium.” It was a dialogue-heavy murder mystery replete with its own gangster and gun moll as starring cast.

Filmmaker Rick Barcode (left), Dir. of Photography George Maria (right)

Filmmaker Rick Barcode (left), Dir. of Photography George Maria (right)

“I get inspiration from strange locations,” Barcode said. “I like to write in the location I’m gonna shoot in.”

An entry that contained no dialogue at all was also given recognition: “Rusalka Martdroo.” Directed by Megan Arzaga, it won the category of Best Alternative.

Arzaga said she was inspired by filmmakers who are highly visual such as Terrence Malick, who she said was her No. 1 inspiration.

“It’s a process of chaos,” said Arzaga, about her own filmmaking process.

Professor John Aliano, who organized the showcase, said he was very pleased with the way it turned out. He also said that it’s important for student filmmakers to be recognized on campus and awarded for their films. Seven artists were awarded.

Winners received certificates of achievements, t-shirts, hats, tripods, Adobe software, GoPro cameras and Steadicam units.

“The looks on [students’] faces; it’s worth it,” Aliano said. “This could be that little extra something to keep them going.”

After the awards were presented the entrants mingled and posed for pictures. Barcode expressed the sense of community that students in CSN’s videography and film program have.

“I came to film school and found a new set of friends and family,” Barcode said.

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