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Cheyenne Sports Center

Cheyenne Sports Center

By Roland Conn

Stolen bases, basketball dunks, soccer kicks, volleyball spikes and football receptions, fall 2014 intramural sports season at the College of Southern Nevada is officially back.

Flag football, softball, three-on-three basketball, indoor soccer and walleyball—volleyball on racquetball courts— are the exciting high-activity sports played this intramural season.

A new program started this year. University of Nevada, Las Vegas and CSN teams will compete in flag football and softball. In the past the schools competed in soccer at Dessert Cup.

Many students participate. “Last year we had over 1100 students play,” said Andrew Farrar, the sports information and campus recreation coordinator for the program.

“One major benefit is just interacting with other students,” Farrar said. “You get that social aspect and that college feel. It’s a way to bring people out of their shells by getting involved in intramural sports; active body and mind makes you feel better.”

“Although the competition is tough it’s a way to keep a healthy body,” said Ernesto Lopez, tutor in CSN’s International Language Lab who competed in the program spring 2014. “Another good benefit to the program is being able to relate it to real and academic life.”

“You develop a family feeling playing with other students and when you build that kind of bond it carries over off the field because you are able to get along with other classmates, network and build life-long memories,” Lopez said.

CSN student Dante Wilson played intramurals in the past. He felt a sense of pride playing for his school. “Exited is an understatement to have CSN across my chest. It was amazing. We got to play in a tournament in Arizona and took fourth place,” Wilson said.

Farrar has ideas of expanding the program and making improvements for the future. Student feedback informed some of those plans. “A goal of mine is to improve the locker room, renovate the gym and build a facility at one of the other two campuses,” Farrar said.

Registration has closed and competitions have begun. Students can attend games through middle of November. The next sport season will start in spring. Students can register to participate then.

For more information click this link or contact Andrew Farrar at (702) 651-4886.


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