Hotel Management Program Preps Grads for Industry

richie 2By Richie Frazier

College of Southern Nevada’s Hotel Management program provides an inside look at one of the city’s largest industries: hospitality.

“The program gives students an overall view of the hotel industry,” said Dr. Terry Jones, CSN’s Hotel Management program director. Having nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. Jones gives students real-world knowledge and experiences to prepare them to go into this competitive sector.

“The industry of Las Vegas is based on hospitality,” said Maria Cuzic, a CSN student attending the program. “I love learning about hotel and casino managers and how the system works.”

Classes offered in the program include the following: housekeeping, front-office operations and hospitality service management.

“Students can expect a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of the hotel industry,” said Terri A. Jones, professor in the program. “Management theory, skills and techniques are covered in all classes.”

Ivelina Stanimirova, a CSN student attending the program, said that she loves meeting people with similar interests as hers. She looks forward to learning the skills firsthand. “We should spend more days in a hotel environment.”

When asked about the advantages of being in the program, Dr. Jones said, “We have the ability to facilitate internships at local hotels.”

There are approximately 113 hotels in Las Vegas on the Strip, Downtown and off the Strip. Each hotel has thousands of employees. There is a need for graduates to fill these roles.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, report dated May 2013, the United States has approximately 263,000 jobs in the hotel and casino industry with approximately 6,500 jobs in management. “Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in hotel or hospitality management are expected to have the best job opportunities,” according to the report. “Applicants can expect strong competition for most jobs.”

Director of hotel operations at the Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino Kristie Mckinney hires for the hotel. “I want someone that can work beside a team, someone that can get their hands dirty.”

Mckinney also suggested that students work in the hotels during school to see if the industry is right for them.

Stanimirova agreed. She’s been working in the hotel industry for four years while going to school to accomplish her degree.

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Professor Lonnie Wright, teaches hotel and hospitality

Professor Lonnie Wright, teaches hotel and hospitality

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