Allegiant Air’s CEO Maurice Gallagher Discusses Business in the Skies

Maurice Gallagher

Maurice Gallagher

By Alina King

From the bags checked in at the counter to the warm nuts served during the flight, arriving to a final destination is not just a form of leisure, it’s a business. CEO of Allegiant Travel Company Maurice Gallagher discussed the ins and outs of taking on the airline industry.

Gallagher spoke at the College of Southern Nevada’s Elite Business Series, a program offering monthly lectures from prominent business leaders throughout Las Vegas.

“I always look to change something,” said Gallagher, as he showed a PowerPoint that displayed his favorite books about success. “I invested in the airline company at a downtime, which is the way to go.”

Gallagher shared his story of Allegiant Air’s start in 1997 in Fresno, Calif. and the company’s subsequent move to Las Vegas in 2001 where it remains today. He spoke about the airline’s humble flight schedule in 2002, which included only three cities and two routes. As of May 2014 Allegiant Air has 227 routes, 68 operating aircrafts, 85 small cities and 15 leisure destinations.

Christopher Ekins, president of CSN’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter, said it is Gallagher’s risk-taking determination and openness to exploring other industries that has led him to the success he has today.

“Mr. Gallagher has found his market to be in the airline industry, but has involvement in multiple other ventures,” Ekins said.

“There are all kinds of ways to succeed,” Gallagher said. “I just turned 65 years old and still invest in companies; my latest investment is an animation educational program.”

During the presentation Gallagher, an MBA graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, discussed specific business topics: business formation, obtaining capital for a startup and business timing.

Attendee and CSN student Jennifer Paxson said she learned a lot from Mr. Gallagher’s presentation. “Making money is not selective to only a few. There are a lot of opportunities. If you find your passion then you are headed in the right direction.”

At the end of the presentation Gallagher was given an award by Paul Moffat, CEO of Arista Wealth Management. Moffat also honored EBS’ previous speakers Dana White and Rick Harrison with this appreciation award.

Dr. Marcus Johnson, CSN’s dean of the school of business, hospitality and public services, noted what makes this lecture series so unique and important to CSN’s future business leaders.

“The primary goal of the Elite Business Series is to give CSN students an opportunity to interact and learn from the best in business,” Dr. Johnson said. “I believe Las Vegas has an incredible network of leadership talent who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.”

Maurice Gallagher, Paul Moffat

Maurice Gallagher, Paul Moffat


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