Mayumi Amada’s “Eternity in Mortality”

Mayumi Amada

Mayumi Amada

By Taylor Shaw

Art is one of the many ways people choose to express themselves. For Japanese artist Mayumi Amada, art is not only a medium of expression but also a dream come true. Her latest exhibit “Eternity in Mortality” opened to the public at the College of Southern Nevada’s Fine Arts Gallery on Friday, Feb. 7.

“Art is entertainment,” Amada said. “It’s a way I can express myself. This is a place I can show my hard work.”

Amada’s artwork is created from recycled plastic bottles and tarp. One noteworthy piece titled “Bouquets From Grandma” is made from plastic egg cartons and aluminum sheets. Amada’s grandmother was the inspiration of this piece as she initiated the artist’s interest in making things by hand through teaching her how to crochet at a young age. There is no color to this artwork; the textures and details make the flower look realistic.

Jeff Fulmer, senior specialist of CSN’s Fine Arts Gallery, said that Amada was chosen because her work is at the highest quality, is very unique and is important to what’s happening within the larger context of contemporary art today.

Amada chose to hang her artwork from the walls of the gallery in addition to the ceiling as if they were floating in air.

“I love the way she concepts her art,” said Aja Williams, a visitor of the art exhibit. “Her work is very unique and different because her art brings out her culture and personality.”

A reception was held in honor of the artist on Feb. 7. Approximately 20 attendees drank refreshments while moving around the room noting Amada’s artwork that was displayed with dim lighting to accentuate the details of her pieces. Some of the art was sculpted out of plastic while others featured crocheted messages.

The artist was very happy with the turnout for the reception. “People came on their own time,” Amada said. “I feel thankful.”

Amada’s art will be displayed till March 14, 2014 at CSN’s Fine Arts Gallery located in the Nicholas J. Horn building on Cheyenne campus.

Amada's crochete

Amada’s crochete

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