Film Sends Message to Pursue Dreams

AriBy Ariana Liuzzi

“Real Women Have Curves” played during Hispanic Heritage Month at the College of Southern Nevada. It explored the struggles of immigrants’ children trying to pursue their dreams of education even if they are contrary to their families’ expectations.

The movie’s lead character Ana Garcia, 18-year-old first-generation Mexican American, graduated high school and was trying to find her place in the world. Living in the Latino community in East Los Angeles Garcia was expected to work in her family’s sewing factory and find a man to have babies with. Instead she got in to Columbia University with a full-ride scholarship.

Garcia struggled with what she wanted to become and what her family wanted her to become. She remembered the day she left for school; her mom refused to say goodbye while her dad drove her to the airport. Her mom didn’t understand why she wanted to pursue her education instead of pursuing a family.

Latina Nevada assembly woman Nancy Flores, who attended the event and who is also a CSN alumna, shared her personal experiences with the audience that were similar to Garcia’s. She was raised by her father after her mother left abruptly. By the time she was 15, she was in the juvenile court system and on her way to living behind bars. With the influence of Flores’ parole officer and the support of her father, she earned her GED, her bachelor’s from the University of Southern California and her doctorate from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It required a shift in her thinking to go from law breaker to Dr. Flores. She had good support.

“The people who truly love you will come around and support you,” Flores said.

Alicia Rico, women studies expert and special guest of the night, also shared her experiences. “You just have to want it, regardless of the obstacles,” she said.

The movie and panelists sent a clear message: never give up.

The event was hosted by Sergio Guzman, international languages professor at CSN, on Oct. 9, 2013 on Cheyenne campus.

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