Ghosts ‘n Goblins

68By Soni Brown, Paulina Carrillo, George Gonzales, Percy Hinton, Adrianne Jackson, Jordan Johnson, Ariel Rodriguez, Kim Trejo and Jessica Vargas

Halloween spirit creeps in at the College of Southern Nevada with decorations, contests, games and costumes. Students and staff prepared for the holiday with fun activities and an enjoyable spooky vibe.

“We really wanted to get students involved to create more of a student life on campus,” said Katelynn Costa, student and member of ASCSN student government.

In ASCSN’s Halloween egg hunt, organized by student Priscilla Munoz, there were randomly placed prized eggs throughout all three campuses. Students who found and returned those eggs to the student-government office received rewards.

“There were three golden eggs per campus and they were large,” said Shelly Thompson, student and ASCSN senator. “Whoever brought those in got a $25 gift certificate.”

“The egg hunt ended Oct, 28 at 5 p.m.,” said Costa, who also mentioned that many students did in fact return eggs to claim their prizes.

In addition to the hunt, CSN’s Classified Council hosted a department Halloween decorating contest.

According to its flier, the contest granted three winners a $50 gift card to Papa John’s Pizza. Judging took place Wed, Oct. 28 and winners were notified Thursday.

With the purpose of winning the competition, the administrative aid department staff turned their information desk into an Area 51 theme. Staff members wore green make up with dark eye shadow, allusive alien shirts, and alien antennas as they served students and answered phones.

67“I like decorating, people come by and check it out,” said Dorian Slater, staff member at the Cheyenne information desk. “It is just something to be fun and silly.”

Last but not least, academic affairs got in the spirit by having a dungeon and dragon contest with spooky decorations in the office. The fantasy role-playing game invited many to participate.

“I love Halloween; it’s my favorite holiday,” said Elena Medina, CSN student and member of academic affairs. “I start celebrating as soon as Oct. 1 hits. I like dressing up, scary movies and even writing short stories for the holiday.”


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