Community at Community College

02By Eduardo D. Rossal

Although College of Southern Nevada is considered a commuter school, where students come in and out quickly, events like March Music Madness Arts and Music Festival kept students on campus for hours to enjoy the music and raise funds for an important cause.

“It is a community college but the first word in it is community,” said Darius Phillips-Perry, one of the members of Mischievous Minds, a break-dancing group that performed at the event. “We are a community college and a lot of time people just come to class and go home.” On March 12 that wasn’t the case.

The fourth annual event brought a sense of community to the Charleston campus. Talented students and professional musicians performed. Many artists including Rob and Pure Joy, a local band that plays folk music, Cameron Calloway, a singer and guitarist, and Jonathan “Streetz” Paya, a rapper, took the stage and entertained the crowd for hours.

March Music Madness was held for the students to provide entertainment and fun but the purpose of the event was much deeper.

Money was raised for the High 5 Drive that funds the Youthful Enterprise Scholarship. It provides help for homeless CSN students who are receiving assistance from one of the following agencies: Shade Tree, Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth and HELP of Southern Nevada Shannon West Homeless Youth Center. The day provided a great opportunity for students, staff and faculty to raise funds to help those in need.

“I was unaware of what High 5 was,” Phillips-Perry said. The tickets and raffles helped with fundraising efforts. Also students became more aware of the Drive because of this event, he added.

ASCSN, student government, helped plan this event. “[We wanted] to create a positive atmosphere for students to make it feel like a college campus,” said William McCurdy II, president of ASCSN.

Stephanie Acosta, CSN student, came to the event and enjoyed herself. She thought it provided a good opportunity for students to socialize.

“I heard the music and came to check it out,” said Robert Sims, CSN student. “It was just awesome.”


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